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Asian Handicap

Asian Handicap

Asian Handicap - what is Asian Handicap and how to use it? What are the types of asian handicap? What does it mean -0.25 or -1/4 in asian handicap?

Staking plans

Staking Plans

Staking plans in betting and how to use the right one in order to effectively manage your betting bankroll.

odds converter

Fractional and decimal odds

What are fractional and decimal odds and how do you convert from fractional to decimal odds or from decimal to fractional odds.

Alan Shearer

Football Quiz – Alan Shearer

So how well do you think you know Shearer and footballing records on a whole? Check out the quiz below to test your footballing knowledge!

Champions League Travel Guide

With all five teams facing some difficult away fixtures, the following infographic has been created as a guide for the fans travelling to these fixtures. It inc

Grand National Infographic

The Grand National inaugurated back in 1839 but has quickly established itself as the most widely viewed and important horse race in the world.

Staking Plans & Managing Your Funds

Staking Plans & Managing Your Funds

If you’re serious about sports betting and enjoy making good money, it’s important to implement a staking plan and manage your betting funds properly, and imper